University of South Alabama

The public University of South Alabama offers doctoral level learning opportunities for students. There are various undergraduate and graduate programs within schools and colleges that make up the institution. Within the range of academic programs, students can undertake Masters Degrees as well. Among the doctoral level programs, students have numerous course options that include Psychology, Communication, Nursing and Pharmacy. Combined degrees are also available for a small number of programs.

A total of ten colleges make up the university. Students can gain access to graduation admission through convenient online resources. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for financial aid in accordance with stipulated criteria. Students also get the opportunity to undertake apprenticeships that involve stipends along with complete payment of tuition fees. Graduate assistants work for a total number of 20 hours on a weekly basis. Students also get the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

Career services enable students to find jobs and gain the working experience that they need. Mobile is a culturally diverse region of South Alabama and the university is a direct reflection of this. With more than 60,000 degrees awarded to graduates thus far, the university continues to thrive with both local and international students enrolling for the various degree programs. The University of South Alabama continues to showcase its rich traditions while offering quality education to its students.

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