Surprising Career Spotlight: Fashion Wardrobe Consultant


Surprising Career Spotlight: Fashion Wardrobe Consultant

By Erin Jourdan

Did you know that you can get paid to tell people what to wear? It's true!

"Clothing can be an empowering thing," says Catherine Cassidy, wardrobe consultant and owner of, a Los Angeles-based wardrobe consulting company.

As men and women go through life changes that require a style update - getting a promotion, giving birth, being introduced to the idea of "Casual Friday" - many turn to wardrobe consultants to help them find a new look to match their new lives.

These aren't just Hollywood A-listers we're talking about - people from all walks of life and all areas of the country use wardrobe consultants. In big cities, you'd most likely work with professionals seeking to hone their looks. Whereas, in smaller towns you could be used to go on buying trips to the nearest metropolitan area or guide a client through the maze of online shopping sites.

So how does wardrobe consulting work? Is it right for you? Is it easy to get started?

What Wardrobe Consultants Do

Wardrobe Consultants do everything it takes to get clients feeling comfortable and confident about their dressing and shopping choices. This could include:

  • Makeovers: A more extreme form of styling, the makeover adds hair and makeup into the equation.  
  • Personal Shopping: This is the perfect service for clients who do not have the time, skill, or interest to shop, but still want to sculpt a specific look.
  • Wardrobe Analysis: This involves going to a client's home, reviewing their wardrobe, and revising it based on their preferences and desired image.

Wardrobe consultants can even do consulting for corporations, which can often see big issues when companies with different philosophies merge.

Is Wardrobe Consulting Right For You?

If you're fashion savvy, creative, and good at giving advice without being condescending, you could have what it takes to succeed as a wardrobe consultant.

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love all things fashion and make it a priority to keep up on the latest trends?
  • Are you your friends' go-to person when it comes to picking out the right scarf, tie, or necklace?
  • Do you have a sense of what looks good (color, fabric, fit, style) on different body types?
  • Are you familiar with different industries and work setting settings - and how employees are expected to dress?
  • Do you have ample knowledge about makeup, hair, and accessories?

How to Get Started

So you answered "yes" to one, or all, of the questions above. What's your next step?

  • Gain some retail experience. Working in a department store or boutique will give you a good sense of clothing prices and seasonal trends in the fashion market. It will also train you in another key aspect of wardrobe consulting: customer service.
  • Get educated. Look into fashion design or fashion merchandising classes, which can give you an overview of fashion fundamentals and provide you with essential fashion know-how.
  • Market yourself to potential clients. If you've got experience helping out friends, you're off to a great start. Make a portfolio of “before" and "after” pictures to market your services.
  • Diversify your skills and services by working as a stylist. Special occasions such as weddings, proms, business functions, or commercials are great ways to hone your stylist skills. As a stylist, you will choose clothing and accessories and fix hair and makeup, skills that will be influential to your success in wardrobe consulting.

According to a canvas of wardrobe consultant job listings by, the average salary for wardrobe consultants is over $30,000. And that's not adding in the money you could make going into business for yourself or doing freelance gigs on top of another full time job.

If fashion shows like What Not to Wear, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Extreme Makeover have made one thing clear, it's that almost everyone knows that they should dress for success, but crazy schedules, other priorities - and not knowing how to start - tend to put a halt on any progress. But with your help…

Get the skills and fashion knowledge you need to start helping fashion victims become fashion plates today!

Find Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs now.

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