Flexible Degrees Introverts Can Earn from Home


Check out five flexible online degrees that could be well-suited for solitary people.

By Sarah Tann

Are you interested in making your way back to school, but prefer a classroom of one, studying solo, and having heated discussions via the computer - opposed to in-person?

If so, your introverted personality could find solace in an online degree program.

"An introvert would be comfortable in an online setting because there's no face-to-face interaction, they're just in front of a computer," says Anna Katsuki, an academic advisor and associate professor at Orange Coast College in California. "In some online classes, students may just read notes and take quizzes and tests."

Of course, online degrees vary depending on class and instructor, and in some cases, you may still have to interact with students and teachers, notes Katsuki.

All that said, if you think an online degree program might be right for you and your reserved personality, keep reading to learn about five online degrees that could be well-suited for introverts.

Online Degree #1 - Accounting

Want to hone your number-crunching on your own time and your own space? An online bachelor's degree in accounting could help you reach your goals without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

"Students that go into accounting tend to be more introverted, because they know they will be interacting with numbers more so than people," says Katsuki. "If you're an extrovert, it would be a tough degree to earn."

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Degree Details: Typical accounting courses include accounting information systems, business law, and auditing, notes the College Board, an education organization that administers tests like the SAT. If you decide to earn this degree online, your introverted personality could take these courses where you find the most ease: whether that's at home or at your local library.

Potential Career Path: With a bachelor's degree in accounting, you could prepare to pursue a career as an accountant or auditor, notes the U.S. Department of Labor - a career that introverts might be happy to note involves managing financial statements and financial records. Dealing with people? Not a main focus of the career.

Online Degree #2 - Paralegal Studies

Want to study law, but turned off by conversational terms like "closing arguments" and "rebuttals"? Well, with an online associate's degree in paralegal studies, you won't have to worry about that.

Because as a paralegal studies major, "you'll learn how to use the resources of a law library, including legal journals, digests (case summaries), and government documents," says the College Board. What you don't cover? How to argue a case in front of a jury - that's for the pre-law students to learn.

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Degree Details: In fact, speech and debate aren't even a part of the typical courses offered in a paralegal studies major, at least according to the College Board. Courses like civil procedure, criminal law and procedure, and litigation, however, are. And if you're opposed to classrooms even more than you are debates, this should be music to your ears: with an online degree in this field, you could study from the comfort of your own home.

Potential Career Path: An associate's degree in paralegal studies is one path to preparing to pursue a career as a paralegal, says the U.S. Department of Labor. If you already have a bachelor's degree in another field, a certificate in the field could also be sufficient. The Department of Labor notes that "paralegals do most of their work in offices and law libraries." Sounds like a good fit for people who appreciate a little peace and quiet.

Online Degree #3 - Health Information Technology

Interested in the health care field but want to learn more about how to interact with data and computers versus patients?  An online associate's degree in health information technology could be perfect for your reserved personality.

Katsuki says that while many health care degrees and careers require a lot of patient interaction, an online degree in health information technology does not. In fact, the College Board says that health information technology majors learn about patient confidentiality, medical records, and special medical software.

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Degree Details: The U.S. Department of Labor notes that health information technology courses may include medical terminology, classification and coding systems, health care statistics, and more. And if you decide to take this course via the Internet, one thing is certain: introverts need not worry about uncomfortable classroom settings.

Potential Career Path: An associate's degree in health information technology is one education option for a medical records and health information technician, who "typically work at desks or in offices and may spend many hours in front of computer monitors," according to the Department of Labor. An ideal career for introverts? That's for you to decide.

Online Degree #4 - Graphic Design

If you prefer to express yourself through art, rather than words, then you might be inclined to earn an online bachelor's degree in graphic design.

"Their art and the use of the computer may make them feel free to really express themselves," says Katsuki, adding that an online degree in graphic design allows introverted students to relish in their comfort zone. She does add, though, that "because you're working on projects, you'll have to interact with people in this degree, but not on a large scale."

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Degree Details: Commonly offered courses in graphic design degree programs include typography, production design, Photoshop for designers, and more, according to the College Board. What's more, when you earn this degree online, you could work on your designs whenever and wherever you want. In other words, far from people!

Potential Career Path: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, "a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field is usually required" for graphic design positions. And what might introverts fancy about this career? Well, it could be the fact that unless they work as part of a design team, graphic designers might be able to work solo.

Online Degree #5 - Computer Science

If you enjoy getting up close and personal with a computer - rather than people - an online bachelor's degree in computer science is something you might enjoy earning.

"In a computer science degree, you're learning how to repair and program computers for the most part," says Katsuki. "You don't have to interact with a large number of people, but computers instead."

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Degree Details: Want to learn the ins and outs of a computer system? As an online degree student, you could study computers, while using a computer. How cool - and anti-social - does that sound? According to the College Board, commonly offered courses in this area include artificial intelligence, computer systems organization, and software engineering.

Potential Career Path: A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is held by most computer programmers, though some employers may take on candidates with an associate's degree, says the U.S. Department of Labor. And if you're looking for an introvert-friendly career to go with your introverted degree, look no further. According to the Department of Labor, with the exception of large projects, "programmers normally work alone."

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