Potential Paths To Management


The right experience and education could prepare you for a management role.

By Chris Kyle

It's not enough to tell your boss or potential employer that you want to move into management, you need to show them. 

Earning a management degree or certificate could highlight your drive and desire, while also preparing you with the cutting-edge skills you'll likely need to climb the corporate ladder.

Check out these degrees that could help prepare you to pursue a management role.

General Management

Thinking big about a business management career? There are several degrees that could help get you there, but a master's of business administration (MBA) is widely considered to be the best of the best.

The Career: Businesses are often in need of qualified managers who have the practical knowledge and latest skill-set to plan and manage. By earning a management degree, you could learn how to manage and make the critical decisions that are a part of every organization. Whether it's crunching numbers or evaluating personnel, you'll likely analyze the latest business models and corporate communication techniques. Why wait?  Learn more about management degrees and management certificates today.

The Potential Payoff: Because of the strong background that a management degree often provides, it could allow for a wide variety of career paths. Management analysts, just to name one of many potential occupations, have an average salary between $50,860 and $92,390.*

Human Resources Management

Think you might enjoy recruiting and coaching people in the business world?

The Career: Lead a team of professionals who are committed to building a company the right way with the right people. By earning a human resources management degree, you'll likely study team-building exercises, recruiting and retention strategies, employment law, diversity in the workplace, benefits and compensation, as well as topics like work productivity. If you've already earned a degree, you might consider earning your human resources management certificate to get you up and running in this field.

The Potential Payoff: A typical human resources manager averages at $103,920 annually, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.*

Health Care Management

Stay ahead of the curve by studying management techniques in one of today's fastest growing and evolving industries.

The Career: Health care is likely on the minds of many ordinary Americans these days, and employers are no exception. They are actively looking for skilled managers who can come up with creative solutions to the complex problems in this profession. Earning your health care management degree could potentially help you develop the broad-based background you'll likely need to lead a department, doctor's office, hospital, or corporation.

The Potential Payoff: Employment opportunities in health care management are growing at a healthy 16 percent clip through 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The average annual pay for health care managers hovers between $57,240 and $94,780.*

Hospitality and Restaurant Management

If you work well with others and draw satisfaction from your ability to satisfy them, a career in hospitality and restaurant management could potentially put your career on the fast track.

The Career: Hospitality and restaurant managers generally juggle many tasks while overseeing their employees and keeping their customers and clients happy. The ability to interact and react positively to all kinds of people and problems is often essential.

Earning a hospitality and restaurant management degree could potentially help qualify you for leadership opportunities and give you the practical skill-set you need to manage a resort, restaurant, club or catering company, just to name a few of the many exciting opportunities out there.

The Potential Payoff: Salaries vary greatly depending upon the size and sales volume of the establishment.

*Unless otherwise noted, all average salary data is from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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