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Drama...Variety...Saving the world...(Well, almost.) Prepare for one of these careers, and you might actually look forward to going to work.

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If you hate your career, you're not alone.

More than a quarter of workers dread going back to work on Mondays, according to a study by Mind, a mental health charity in England and Wales.

So what can you do to beat the work blues? You can start, by preparing for a career that excites you...

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Don't know where to begin? Not to worry: We've compiled a list of most exciting careers to help you sift through your options.

Detective or Criminal Investigator
Excitement Meter: 10

What could be more exciting than solving crimes? While it's true that detectives do their share of paperwork, they are also often responsible for collecting and analyzing evidence, conducting interviews...and making arrests. Is it any surprise that this career gets our top rating for excitement?

Excitement Factors: For detectives, no two days are the same. Each case is solved in a new way, and the public relies on their investigative skills to catch the bad guys. Love working with others? Detectives and criminal investigators often work with a variety of people including the attorneys and forensics experts.

Education Options:
Bachelor's degree in criminal justice

Average Salary: $60,910*

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Event and Meeting Planner
Excitement Meter: 9.5

At a close second for most exciting career are meeting and event planners. Planners generally help ensure big events (like conventions) and smaller celebrations (like parties) go off without a hitch.

Excitement Factors: As an event and meeting planner, every event you plan could require a different set of skills and a fresh pair of eyes. You may plan a big corporate meeting one day and search for venues for a holiday party the next. Many event planners work independently, so each day could be yours to plan as you see fit.

Education Options:
Bachelor's degree in marketing
Bachelor's degree in business
Bachelor's degree in hospitality

Average Salary: $54,060*

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Marketing Specialist
Excitement Meter: 9

Marketing specialists often help companies promote their products and services with advertising campaigns, new media, and other innovative ideas. Figuring out new ways to get other people excited could make this career exciting for you.

Excitement Factors: In order to stay ahead of the competition, you'll likely have to be on the cutting edge of products and services to know what they're up to. Another compelling component of this career: some marketing positions require you could be packing your bags.

Education Options:
Bachelor's degree in business
Bachelor's degree in marketing
Master's degree in business

Average Salary: $51,179*

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Executive Chef
Excitement Meter: 8

It takes more than cooking know-how to pursue the executive chef career path. As an executive chef, it would be your responsibility to create a unique dining experience that keeps customers coming back.

Excitement Factors: The restaurant kitchen is generally a fast-paced place, especially during the dinner rush. Imagine having to stay on your toes for hours at a time - while overseeing others. These culinary masters often manage the entire kitchen, oversee staff, plan the menu, and work with outside suppliers and vendors.

Education Options:
Associate's degree in culinary arts
Culinary arts diploma

Average Salary: $70,549*

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Excitement Meter: 7.5

Also high on our excitement meter are paralegals. If you want to assist attorneys with research, reports, and client relations, you could start preparing for this career now. Paralegals should have good career opportunities through 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. [Find Paralegal schools near you]

Excitement Factors: As a paralegal working with attorneys, your clients will likely have a lot on the line. A paralegal could really make a difference - and their work is often done under pressure. If that sounds exciting, this career could be for you. Different cases and clients mean lots of variety, and the strong demand for paralegals could mean lots of career opportunities for you.

Education Options:
Associate's degree in paralegal studies
Paralegal certificate

Average Salary: $46,120*

Web Designer
Excitement Meter: 7

Web designers use their computer programming and graphic design skills to create websites for people and organizations to help them promote their business, communicate with others, or provide information and entertainment.

Excitement Factors: As a web designer, you'll likely work in a creative, stimulating environment that inspires you to come up with innovative designs. Another fun factor: Get enough experience and loyal clientele, and you could be your own boss.

Education Options:
Associate's degree in computer programming
Associate's degree in graphic design
Bachelor's degree in computer programming

Average Salary: $50,632*

Human Resources Specialist
Excitement Meter: 6.5

It may sound like just another office position, but you'd be surprised how much drama there could be for human resources specialists. They help businesses find, hire, and keep their most important resource: people.

Excitement Factors: Work in HR, and you're likely to find yourself working on a variety of tasks - like checking out a new benefits program and hiring a great employee - all in the same day. You could also be a trusted resource for top management. Even the CEO might check in for your opinion.

Education Options:
Bachelor's degree in human resources

Average Salary: $45,470* for those who specialize in employment, recruitment, and placement; $53,860* for those who specialize in compensation, benefits, and job analysis.

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*Unless otherwise noted, all salary and job growth data from the U.S. Department of Labor. Salaries for Event and Meeting Planner, Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, and Executive Chef are from

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