Five Hot Careers for 2012


With the right education, you could pursue a new career with hot hiring potential.

By Tony Moton    

Are you hoping for a fresh career start in 2012?

Going back to school to advance your education could help, according to new hiring statistics from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

NACE's Job Outlook 2012 reports that employers plan to hire 9.5 percent more new college graduates in 2012 than they did in 2011. The 2012 report is based on responses from 244 organizations that include General Electric Company, Ernst & Young LLP, and Raytheon Company.

So what careers have a hot hiring potential in 2012? Keep reading to learn about five career prospects you could prepare to pursue as the calendar turns on your future.

Career # 1 - Medical and Health Services Manager

Are you interested in a supervisory role in the growing health care field? If so, preparing to pursue a medical and health services manager position might be a rewarding goal for you.

Medical and health services managers keep a birds-eye view of the daily activities in a hospital to ensure everything is running effectively and efficiently. The U.S. Department of Labor notes that health services managers plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care.

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Why it's the Best for 2012: The hiring growth for medical and health services managers is projected to hit 16 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the Department of Labor.*

Education Options: A master's degree in fields like health services administration, health sciences, public health, or public administration could prepare you for this career, according to the Department of Labor. A bachelor's degree might be sufficient for some entry-level positions in smaller facilities and departments.*

Average Salary: $93,670*

Career # 2 - Teacher

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others and mentoring young people? If you answered "yes," you could be an ideal match for a career as a teacher.

As a teacher, you could have an opportunity to figure out the best teaching methods to help others. Your responsibilities might include designing lessons plans, lecturing in class, and providing academic support to students, according to the College Board, an organization that administers academic aptitude tests like the SAT.

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Why it's the Best for 2012: The job growth for elementary school teachers is projected at 16 percent between 2008 and 2018.*

Education Options: Earning a bachelor's in education and obtaining a teaching license may qualify you for most public school teaching positions.*

Average Salary: Elementary school teachers: $54,330*

Career # 3 - Accountant

For people who naturally like to bargain hunt, keep tabs of their fantasy football teams, or play math games, pursuing an accounting career could be a reasonable endeavor in 2012.

Accountants usually analyze and track important financial information for individuals and businesses. Duties could include preparing taxes and evaluating budget sheets, according to the College Board.

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Why it's the Best for 2012: The accounting field is projected to increase hires by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018.*

Education Options: A bachelor's degree in accounting is considered the most common route of qualifying for entry-level accountant positions.*

Average Salary: $68,960*

Career # 4 - Network and Computer Systems Administrator

If you have a love for computers and technology, you might enjoy a career as a network and computer systems administrator.

Today's computer networks generally require administrators who are capable of working in a team environment. Network and computer systems administrators design, install, and support computer systems, and they usually need to direct the efforts of other workers.

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Why it's the Best for 2012: From 2008 to 2018, the Department projects a job growth of 23 percent for network and computer systems administrators.*

Education Options: You might consider earning a bachelor's degree in a computers or information technology (IT) program to qualify for most entry-level positions as a network and computer systems administrator.*

Average Salary: $72,200*

Career # 5 - Social Worker

If you're eager to assist others and serve those in need, a career in social work could give you the fresh start you're looking for in 2012.

Social workers help people cope with a variety of issues that include relationships, disability, disease, unemployment, and substance abuse, among other things. The duties of social workers might take them to a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and courts.

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Why it's the Best for 2012: The job growth for social workers is projected to increase by 16 percent between 2008 and 2018.*

Education Options: If you're interested in a career as a social worker, consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, or sociology.*

Average Salary: $52,270*

*Education options, job growth, and average salary information are from the U.S. Department of Labor using May 2010 data.

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