Six Degrees Introverts Can Earn Online


Check out these six online degrees that could be a good fit for your introverted personality.

By Tony Moton

Feeling uneasy about learning in a crowded classroom environment? Good news: There's an alternative for introverts who want to go school without drawing too much attention to themselves. We call it an online degree.

In fact, going online can be a great option for education-minded introverts, says Jia Frydenberg, associate dean of distance learning at the University of California-Irvine.

"For some people, it's a big fear to stand up and speak out in front of others," Frydenberg says. "But an online program gives people who normally want to work alone a chance to participate just like everybody else."

In other words, an online program can "level the playing field" for introverted students, according to Frydenberg.

So if an online program sounds like a good fit for your introverted personality, keep reading to learn more about six degrees worth considering.

Online Degree #1: Bachelor's in Accounting

If you're a numbers-focused introvert, consider earning a bachelor's degree in accounting online.

Introvert-friendly factors: According to Daisy Swan, a Los Angeles-based career coach and author of the book "Making Work Work: Secrets from a Career Coach's Office," introverts might find this online degree both convenient and perfectly suited for their personalities.

"Introverts are more energized by being able to work independently than with other people," Swan says. "As long as they can close the door and not be bothered, they're fine."

To sum it up, "an online accounting degree is a better fit for some people," adds Swan.

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What you might study: The College Board, a nonprofit organization that coordinates the SAT exam, lists some common accounting courses as business law, auditing, and cost accounting. Through these types of courses, students can learn how to piece together, record, and communicate financial information of businesses and individual clients.

Online Degree #2: Bachelor's in Computer Science

Want to learn more about computer programming but prefer to work alone? An online bachelor's degree in computer science could be a good fit.

Introvert-friendly factors: Earning your computer science degree online could make a lot of sense. Not only would you be attending school using your favorite apparatus - the computer - but you also have a chance to study independently wherever you feel most comfortable.

"Computer science folks at the bachelor's level like to tinker individually," Frydenberg says. "They spend a lot of time sitting in a corner because they're cracking a code, trouble-shooting, or practicing a new kind of software."

In short, "an online course works perfectly for them," notes Frydenberg.

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What you might study: During a computer science program, students might learn about computer programming and the ways people and computers interact, according to the College Board. Classes typically offered might include artificial intelligence, digital system design, and software engineering.

Online Degree #3: Bachelor's in Graphic Design

Are you an introvert with a creative streak? Look into earning a bachelor's degree in graphic design online.

Introvert-friendly factors: When studying graphic design online, an introvert can be creative whenever the mood strikes them, notes Frydenberg. "If you're online, you can work when the inspiration comes to you," says Frydenberg. "If that happens at 2 a.m., you can go right at it."

Because they can learn at their own pace, the keyword for introverted online graphic design majors is "autonomy," according to Swan. For example, "they are able to use their creative and intellectual juices independently," says Swan.

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What you might study: According to the College Board, graphic design majors typically learn about design techniques, computer skills, and computer programs that are needed to create the visual imagery used in magazines and on websites. Common courses include Photoshop for designers, production design, and typography.

Online Degree #4: Associate's in Health Information Technology

Are you an introvert who is interested in health care? Consider an online associate's degree in health information technology, which could be earned in as little as two years - and from the comfort of your own home.

Introvert-friendly factors: Learning about health information technology online could be a good option for introverts who prefer working from home without classroom distractions.

"Analyzing data and inputting data is best for someone who might not need to be around other people," Swan says.

Frydenberg agrees: "In an online program, you probably will work on a lot of case studies and data analysis; these things can be done on your own."

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What you might study: Health information technology students generally learn about the gathering and handling of patient records as well as patient confidentially, according to the College Board. Examples of common courses include medical terminology, health care statistics, and introduction to coding.

Online Degree #5: Bachelor's in Network Administration

For introverts seeking a computer-friendly degree without too much face-to-face interaction, earning an online bachelor's degree in network and system administration might be the right fit.

Introvert-friendly factors: "Given that the mode of communication is digital, an introvert might feel very comfortable studying this subject on their own," Frydenberg says. "If that's your style, it works out perfectly."

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What you might study: A network and system administration program gives instruction on how to manage and troubleshoot computer operations that belong to specific organizations and locations, according to the College Board. To help prepare students for work in this field, they might take courses such as network security, database management, and Web languages.

Online Degree #6: Bachelor's in Market Research

Are you an introvert who wants to develop your research skills independently? Consider enrolling in a bachelor's in market research program online.

Introvert-friendly factors: Because market research depends heavily on statistics and research, introverted online students can likely study on their own, according to Swan.

"Market research is excellent for introverts," Swan says. Why? Because "they have an opportunity to get an assignment and dig into research," notes Swan.

And all of that data could be a turn-on for your introverted personality. "You will like being able to interact with a pile of data by yourself," notes Frydenberg.

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What you might study: As a market research major, you could "study people's buying habits in preparation for business careers," according to the College Board. Get ready to learn how to carry out surveys, how to research buying trends, how to watch the competition, and how to develop advertising campaigns.

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