Career Opportunities Grow Along with Apple Inc.


Inspired by the success of Apple Inc. and other thriving tech companies? Learn about potential career opportunities in this growing industry.

By Tony Moton    

From the uncertain - but pending - release of the new iPhone 5 to the resignation of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has been dominating the news.

While Jobs' role has already been filled, Apple - like many tech companies today - continues to grow at a rapid clip and needs new employees.

Apple's workforce, currently at about 50,000 worldwide, is expected to increase employment by "20 percent," Jobs said at a Cupertino City Council meeting in mid-2011.

But Apple isn't the only tech company that needs more employees to bring about the next generation of technology devices..

According to's "Jobs Outlook 2011", "Not only are information-technology workers in demand but any job involving technology will be in demand."

We've highlighted some career opportunities and education options that could get you started in the thriving tech industry.

#1 - Marketing

Apple-brand products haven't become household names on the strength of word-of-mouth alone. Ever since the first Apple Macintosh personal computer was launched in 1984, the company has relied on its savvy marketing division to keep its products in the public's eye.

Career opportunities in marketing abound. In fact, according to its web site, Apple employs marketers of all types. Listed among the company's marketing positions, for example, are graphic designer, market researcher, public relations specialist, and market research analyst.

Education options for this field: According to the Department of Labor, a bachelor's degree in marketing or public relations is a potential route to pursue a career in marketing. Aspiring designers should look into graphic design degree programs.

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#2 - Human Resources

Apple's human resources division helps recruit and train employees for all divisions in the company, from finance and sales to operations and facilities. With the company's growing number of employees, it stands to reason that the HR department stays quite active when it comes to the hiring of new personnel.

Looking to Apple's web site for examples of HR careers, we saw job openings listed for specialists in HR management, staffing, compensation, benefits, and training and development.

Education options for this field: The Department of Labor notes that many employers seek college graduates with a major in human resources. For management positions, a master's degree in human resources or business could be helpful.

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#3 - Finance

Apple reached the lofty status as the top valued company of any kind in early August of 2011 when its market value reached more than $337 billion, the Associated Press reported.
For the company's finance division, keeping track of those billions is a huge task.

The company's web site states: "The Finance department handles all of Apple's financial dealings with expertise and integrity. From treasury to investor relations to compliance, finance works with all sides of our business and is key to Apple's continued success."

Among the finance career fields listed on the company's web site are auditing, financial analysis and modeling, financial systems, treasury, and tax.

Education options for this field: According to the Department of Labor, a bachelor's degree in accounting is often needed for a career as an auditor, while financial analysts must have a bachelor's degree, and in some cases, a master's degree in finance.

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#4 - Sales

Each year, Apple holds launch events to unveil new products, which helps the company's annual sales figures reportedly reach more than $65 billion worldwide. But it also takes a motivated team of salespeople to keep customers invested in Apple's product line.

The company writes on its web site: "the Apple Sales team is committed to delivering the best computing solutions to students, educators, consumers, businesses, and creative professionals everywhere."

Education options for this field: The Department of Labor notes that while there is no formal education requirement for sales reps, positions that deal with scientific and technical products require a bachelor's degree.

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#5 - Information Systems and Technology

A company such as Apple not only sells technology, it depends on people who know how to manage, operate, and protect technology used within the company.

Apple takes great care in preventing hackers and cybercriminals from gaining unwanted access to the company's product line. Information security is one of several key hiring areas within Apple's information systems and technology division, the company's web site states.

Among other specialists being hired within the division are database administrators, network architects and engineers, and software developers.

Education options for this field: According to the Department of Labor, a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field - like information systems - is generally required for a career as a database administrator. Network architects are generally required to have a bachelor's degree, though some employers may want candidates with a tech-related MBA.

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