Online Education Advantages


Online education can fit your goals, your schedule - and often comes with extra advantages.

By Chloe Jenkins-Sleczkowski    

Want to move up at work? Thinking of ways to switch fields completely?

Earning a degree online could be the perfect way to work towards your goals without quitting your day job.

Consider the following flexible online degree options and the advantages they could offer over traditional education.

Online Degree #1 - Medical Assisting

If you want pursue an administrative career in health care, an online medical assisting associate's degree program could offer you the flexibility you need to get started.

Online advantages: Flexibility to take classes when and where you decide.

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What you might study: Medical terminology, keyboarding, recordkeeping, anatomy, and physiology

Potential career: Medical assistants help health practitioner offices run smoothly by providing administrative and/or clinical support. Average earnings: $29,760*

Online Degree #2 - Business Administration & Management

Want to transition out of your current gig into the exciting business world? You can prepare to make the switch now by starting your bachelor's in business administration and management degree course work online.

Online advantages: As more and more business moves into the online world, getting your education online could give you an edge over those less savvy in the ways of the web.

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What you might study: Accounting, business statistics, economics, marketing, and business policy & strategy

Potential career: With a degree - and the relevant work experience - a business administration and management degree grad could potentially go on to work in marketing management. Average earnings: $122,720

Online Degree #3 - Criminal Justice

If you're interested in the law, an online bachelor's degree in criminal justice can provide a flexible path to a rewarding education - and eventually a career in the legal field.

Online advantages: Criminals are making their home on the web. Your knowledge and experience of the web could be increased through online learning which might give you the skills needed to battle crime online.

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What you might study: Criminal-justice research methods, criminal law, juvenile justice, statistics, criminology, and victimology

Potential career: Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists supervise and monitor offenders to prevent further crimes. Average earnings: $51,240

Online Degree #4 - Information Technology (IT)

Interested in pursuing opportunities in the growing technology industry? Look into earning your IT degree online.

Online advantages: In the IT field, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments out there. Earning your degree online can be especially convenient in that you'll be learning about the newest technology while utilizing it.

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What you might study: Computer networking, database management systems, web technologies, computer science, and C++ programming

Potential career: Computer programmers write instructions for computer programs by coding them in a programming language, like C++. Average earnings: $74,900

Online Degree #5 - Accounting

If you want to eventually work with money for a living, taking online courses in accounting could get you up to skill on the skills and knowledge you'll need (without cutting too much into your personal and professional life).

Online advantages: Online classes can be closer to the real thing since most of the accounting profession now takes place on computers.

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What you might study: Accounting information systems, auditing, business law, cost accounting, and tax accounting

Potential career: Accountants and auditors manage financial information to ensure taxes are paid and public records are correct. Average earnings: $68,960

*All salary information is from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2010.

Program course information is from either the U.S. Department of Labor or College Board.

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