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Check out these flexible online options that allow you to earn your business degree your way.

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Want to earn your business degree but not sure how to make it fit into your schedule? Consider studying online.

Whether you want to keep your day job or you have family obligations that keep you busy - an online business degree program could offer you the flexibility you need to balance school with your life.

Read on to learn about five versatile online business degrees.

Online Degree #1 - Bachelor's in Business Administration

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Are you ready to take the business world by storm, but need some flexibility to complete your business degree? Consider completing your studies online.

Flex factor: You shouldn't have to disrupt your current schedule to complete your business courses in an online program. In addition to the built-in flexibility that online education offers, many schools allow students to study at times convenient to them.

What you might study: Completing courses in accounting, business law, and ethics could prove to employers that you're prepared to take on a career in the business world.

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Potential career paths: A bachelor's degree in business administration can help prepare students to pursue a variety of career paths, including accountant, human resources manager, and insurance underwriter.

Online Degree #2 - Bachelor's in Accounting

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Do you want to pursue an accounting degree, but don't know how to fit it into your already busy schedule? Turn to online education.

Flex factor: With many online programs, you have the flexibility to complete your coursework when - and where - you want, whether it's at home or at your local coffee shop.

What you might study: Courses might include accounting information systems, business law, and auditing. You could also choose classes tailored toward a specific career path, like tax accounting, according to the College Board, a not-for-profit organization that administers aptitude tests like the SAT.

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Potential career paths: Accounting degree grads could be qualified to pursue a career as an accountant, auditor, or tax examiner.

Online Degree #3 - Bachelor's in Human Resources

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If you're a people person who's good at understanding others' needs and concerns, an online bachelor's degree in human resources could be the perfect option for you.

Flex factor: An online human resources degree means you can access all courses from home, at all hours, allowing you to keep your current commitments while still getting an education.

What you might study: Class offerings like performance management, organizational behavior, and labor relations can help you hone your people skills and understand how to manage situations within a variety of work environments.

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Potential career paths: With this degree, one could be prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities, including recruiter, training specialist, or HR specialist.

Online Degree #4 - Bachelor's in Marketing

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An online bachelor's degree in marketing is a great option if you're looking for a flexible education that builds on your creative and analytical skills.

Flex factor: Group projects, class discussions, and tests are usually completed online, meaning no battling it out with rush hour traffic to make it to meetings and classes.

What you might study: This flexible business degree option might include courses such as consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, and professional selling and sales management.

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Potential career paths: Marketing degree grads could be qualified to pursue opportunities such as public relations specialist, marketing manager, and advertising and promotions manager.

Online Degree #5 - Master's in Business Administration

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If you have a bachelor's degree, but want to specialize your education to vie for top positions, consider earning an online master's in business administration (MBA).

Flex factor: While you'll likely never escape deadlines and homework, you can generally complete everything you need to online...including chatting with your classmates, participating in online discussions, and presenting group projects.

What you might study: Online MBA programs will likely include courses in statistics, marketing, management of financial institutions, and operations management.

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Potential career paths: MBA grads with the right experience could go on to pursue positions like medical and health services manager, promotions manager, and financial analyst, to name a few.

Note: Online program courses and schedules will vary by school. All potential career path information is from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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