Find the Fun in Five College Degrees


Check out the fun factors often associated with these five exciting degree programs.

By John Loos   

Snoozing in the back of a lecture hall. Boring teachers. Endless tests. These clichés of higher learning aren't true for every major.

While the definition of "fun" certainly varies depending on the student, there are many degree programs out there with fun features.

If you're considering going back to school, or enrolling for the first time, it helps to know what you find fun and to research programs that pique your interest.

Check out these five degrees with a definite fun factor.

Fun Degree # 1 - Medical Assistant, Associate's Degree

If your career goals involve helping people, a degree in medical assisting might be right for you. Topics covered might include anatomy, medical terminology and physiology, medical law and ethics, and communications, says the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, an organization that accredits medical assisting programs.

Fun factors: If you're a social butterfly, you may enjoy the group work/project elements that are common in medical assistants programs. Fascinated by biology and health? You'll get to learn all about the human body and the many diseases that can afflict it, according to College Board, a nonprofit membership association that manages tests like the SAT and PSAT.  

Possible career paths: Medical assistants can find work in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, or chiropractors, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. With experience, medical assistants may work towards managing a group practice or medical office, according to College Board.

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Fun Degree #2 - Accounting, Bachelor's Degree

Studying accounting today is packed with fun factors for those who want to learn the ins and outs of financial management. An accounting degree program offers instruction on accounting techniques, auditing, business law, tax and cost accounting, and accounting information systems, according to College Board.

Fun factors: Think accounting programs only cover numbers? Think again. Programs often feature real-world case studies and computer lab simulations, according to the College Board. Have a competitive streak? Enter the annual national accounting student competition sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Love to travel? The AICPA notes ample study abroad opportunities for students interested in international accounting concepts, though this may vary by school.

Possible career paths: There are quite a few options open to accounting degree graduates, like public accounting, internal auditing, management accounting, and government accounting, for example. Those who go on to earn their Certified Public Accountant certification after school may find opportunities in areas such as assurance services, environmental or forensic accounting, consulting, or financial planning.

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Fun Degree #3 - IT & Information Systems, Bachelor's Degree

Love to solve problems and dive deep into new software? By studying information technology or information systems, you will likely explore statistics, mathematics, and computer engineering. You may also delve into specific areas such as database management, systems design, and systems security.

Fun factors: Information systems programs cover more than numbers and data. The breadth of the field allows for students to pick their own path, according to College Board. Love to download movies? You might enjoy digital communications. Addicted to your cell phone? Try telecommunications. Like controlling your world? IT managers design and set up the digital worlds that today's employees spend their days in.

Possible career paths: Graduates may choose to pursue careers as computer systems analysts, database administrators, and sales engineers, according to College Board. The U.S. Department of Labor also cites chief technology officers, management information systems directors, and information technology directors as possible managerial positions that those with an information systems degree may work towards.

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Fun Degree #4 - Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree

If you're intrigued by money matters, business law, human resources management, marketing, or how to be a leader, consider a business administration degree, where you're likely to study all of the above, says the College Board.

Fun factors: Classroom presentations and debate over concepts should keep coursework engaging, according to College Board. You're also likely to get a chance to hone your analytical and problem-solving skills with real-world case studies (a relief if you've ever wondered if what you're learning is applicable outside the classroom).

Possible career paths: Business degree graduates have historically entered careers as entry-level managers, market researchers, human resource managers, systems analysts or financial analysts, according to College Board. Many business degree grads also opt to pursue their master of business administration after several years in the professional world.

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Fun Degree #5 - Criminal Justice, Bachelor's Degree

Are you a crime show enthusiast? You may be happy to hear that typical criminal justice programs generally explore criminological theory, law enforcement, research methods, and corrections, according to the Academy of Criminal Justice Services, an organization that certifies criminal justice programs.

Fun factors: Whether you're in love with the law or passionate about helping your community, a criminal justice degree program just might have the fun factor you're looking for. Delving into depths of the criminal mind, learning high-tech forensic techniques, and getting instruction from real police and law enforcement professionals should appeal to crime buffs and amateur sleuths alike.

Possible career paths: Related careers for this major include police officers, parole officers and correctional specialists. More research-minded individuals may pursue careers as paralegals or even judges, says College Board. Some criminal justice degree-holders opt to go into teaching as well.

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