Flexible Careers With Great Earning Potential


Check out these careers with flexibility and high earning potential.

By University.com Staff

Would you like a career with a flexible schedule - and great earning potential?

Check out these five flexible careers...

Career #1 - Registered Nurse

Flex Factor: If you're looking for a flexible career, consider registered nursing. Registered nurses (RNs) could work weekend and night shifts and, often, RNs work longer (but fewer) shifts. All this means more flexibility and variety.

Education: Completing an associate's degree in nursing, bachelor's degree in nursing, or a nursing diploma program is a great way to prepare for the nursing license exam in your state.

Average Salary: RNs have an average of $62,450* per year.

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Career #2 - Salesperson

Flex Factor: Whether you're selling toothbrushes or turbines, sales is about connecting with customers. Work could be done outside the office - either from home or on the road - making office hours pretty flexible in most cases. Another perk: Since sales positions often involve travel, you could get to see a bit of the world while you're on the clock!

Education: A bachelor's degree is common in this field. Focusing on business or marketing, can also offer great preparation.

Average Salary: Sellers of technical and scientific products average a tidy $70,200* per year, while those who are in pharmaceutical sales average at $74,840* per year.

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Career #3 - Graphic Designer

Flex Factor: The nature of graphic design work - it's done on a computer and can be completed alone - could make this a very flexible career that allows for telecommuting opportunities. It also allows for the possibility of freelancing...which means you might be able to schedule projects as you see fit.

Education: Getting an associate's or bachelor's degree in graphic design is a helpful start.

Average Salary: Graphic designers have an average of $42,400* per year.

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Career #4 - Occupational Therapist Assistant

Flex Factor: Occupational therapist assistants often work with the disabled to help them learn how to perform tasks for employment and daily living. The flexibility of this career can be found in the hours. Not all clients can come in during the work week, so weekend and evening shifts are common.

Education: Earning an occupational therapy associate's degree from a school that's accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education is a step in the right direction. The next step? Taking the national certifying exam.

Average Salary: Occupational therapist assistants have an average of $48,230* per year.

Career #5 - Court Reporter

Flex Factor: About two-thirds of court reporters are freelancers and can accept work assignments when it's convenient for them. Some work can be completed at home, so the exact hours and dress code could be up to you.

Education: Earning an associate's degree in court reporting is one potential way to prepare you for the state's licensing requirements.

Average Salary: Court reporters have an average salary of $49,710* per year.

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*All average salary data from U.S. Department of Labor.

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